A dual Olympian who has been working in senior roles in organisational change, leadership development, culture improvement and performance coaching in organisations for over ten years. Experienced in formulating and implementing strategies that reduce staff turnover, improve engagement and performance (individual, team and organisational). Brings evidence-based research from academic studies and combines it with both elite sport experience (ranked number one in Australia for almost ten years) as well as organisational experience from a range of sectors. Thrives on high pressure, challenging environments going through significant change.

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Building individual, team and organisational performance

Performance Coach

Katie takes a collaborative, systematic and solution focused approach that aims to enhance performance, goal alignment and personal growth. Leverages from expertise to help others uncover and refine solutions. Experienced in coaching executives, senior and middle management, future leaders as well as individuals aiming to enhance their performance (e.g. athletes, students).

Leadership Development

Builds capability so the organisation has the right skills in the right place at the right time. Develops organisational strategy to grow capability, designs tailored programs and initiatives, reviews and re-develop existing programs and coaches individuals and teams.

Organisational Development

Develops strategy to ensure people are positioned and equipped for maximum organisational performance. Builds high performing teams and gathers data, information and feedback to build momentum and learn continuously. Explores existing mechanisms to add value.

Organisational Change Management

Engages people in change and leverages off what is currently working. Works hard to gain buy in and believes that those closest to the work have great insights to contribute to improvement. Integrates goals, cultures and processes to align groups.

Stakeholder Engagement

Develops strategy and capture lessons learned to build better relationships in the future. Builds trust and relationships through consultation, transparency and acting with integrity. Experienced in engaging senior executives to those on the field (white and blue collar team members).

Project Management

Leads projects from ideation to completion – leading planning sessions, engaging resources, managing and communicating progress, adapting as needed, conducting reviews and developing mechanisms and relationships to continuously gather feedback and ways to improve. Thrives on pressure and has a high attention to detail.

Business centered

Uses evidence-based methods and connects outcomes to tangible, business results that are meaningful to stakeholders.


Executive coaching

Performance coaching


Leadership development